Our network of handpicked doctors provide an approximate of 1000 consultations per day, across 9 Middle Eastern countries. Despite the high volume, quality is never compromised. We take pride in our team of doctors who were collaborative enough to survive our tough selection process.

Only 10% of applicants actually make it to the final round and are qualified to provide consultations through Altibbi app and website. So, how does a doctor become 'Altibbi certified'?

Step 1: Pre-qualification Stage

Candidates have to pass our extensive background checks such as license validity, specialization check and meeting our minimum requirement of 2 years of experience.

Step 2: Examination

  • Candidates are required to pass a written test that was designed in collaboration with professors from the American University of Beirut.
  • Knowing that academics alone is not enough to excel in telehealth, candidates will interview an expert doctor, to ensure that they are capable of handling cases digitally.


Step 3: Probation Period

Once the candidate passes the tests, they'll be placed under a two-week probation period. Based on the performance, the doctor's continuity with us will be determined.

Step 4: Monitoring and on-going Quality Control

Altibbi continuously provides doctors with tips, proper education, sessions and events to improve consultation quality.

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